Life Changes Cause the Need for a Life Insurance Review

The good folks at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services in Ashland, KY, want to remind everyone many things happen, which we call “life changes” which provide reasons to check in with your insurance agent for a life insurance review. When life changes come up, it may not cross your mind that what used to be adequate insurance coverage is no longer appropriate when needs change.

In general, it is a smart idea to have an annual life insurance review, and certain things necessitate a life insurance review that may demand immediate attention.

Here are a few good reasons why an insurance review is appropriate.

  • Getting married – Life insurance is needed by both parties in the marriage, not just one side.
  • Having a baby/adopting a child – A child means it is time to think about life insurance protection for them.
  • Getting divorced – Consider changing the beneficiary of your life insurance policy to someone other than your ex-spouse.
  • Changing careers/moving – A career change and moving may expose you to more or less risk than you had in your previous job or where you used to live.
  • Sports Activities – Certain sports, such as skydiving, are not usually covered in a regular life insurance policy and may need additional coverage. Check with your agent to be sure.
  • Joining the military– We applaud military service; however, this changes life insurance coverage needs dramatically. Talk with your agent if you enlist.

These are just a few examples. If we did not mention your particular circumstances, just reach out to us with your questions. Whether you are just starting out and getting insurance for the first time or you are already an existing client, you can rest assured that the agents at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services in Ashland, KY, are always ready to help make sure you have adequate insurance coverage for all of your needs.