How to Prevent Your Motorcycle from Damage or Theft Threats

Motorcycles are relatively easy to move which means owners always need to be on the lookout for potential criminals. Here’s what to consider if you live in Ashland, KY, and want to keep your bike from harm. 

Consider Anti-Theft Measures 

Sharp Insurance & Financial Services has seen that a little prevention can go a long way when it comes to saving your motorcycle from the worst that can occur. Technology has advanced in such a way that these anti-theft devices are affordable, effective, and can make it far easier for you to get your motorcycle back. There are kill switches that can disengage the motor so that even someone with the keys won’t be able to go far. There are also GPS measures so that you’ll always know where your motorcycle is regardless of who has it. 

Smarter Policies 

When you park in Ashland, KY, you should be able to see your motorcycle from wherever you happen to be. If you can see it, you have a chance to either stop the action or to at least report it as soon as it happens. If you can’t do this though, you should always be parking your motorcycle in extremely bright areas with lots of people. Just the threat of being caught can often stop criminals from doing anything to your bike. Also, try to keep your motorcycle away from trees whose branches might fall onto it, or in extremely crowded parking lots where a car could damage your bike.

You should also have an insurance policy that’s comprehensive enough to help in the case something does happen. By calling Sharp Insurance & Financial Services, we may be able to help! Our staff can direct you to the best policies that keep your motorcycle safe from harm. Reach out to our agents to have your questions answered.