How much damage can a flood possibly cause?

Most of us are covered for what seems to be the necessities of life. We probably have homeowners insurance for our house, car insurance to cover our vehicle, and some sort of a life insurance policy to protect our family and loved ones should something ever happen to us. But what about auxiliary insurance such as flood insurance? You may be like the millions of people in the world who believe that damage from a flood is minimal. Besides, it is only a bit of water, right?

Why is Flood Insurance Important?

Floods can tear apart a home and create an absolute inhospitable living condition. Aside from the initial damage that can be caused by rising waters, such as eroded surroundings, damaged carpeting and flooring, and perhaps anything that was sitting directly on the floor, a flood can cause serious damage after the water has subsided. Often, water that comes into your home or basement is filled with mud and sediment that must be removed. This sediment can contain dangerous bacteria that must be remediated. Plus, waterlogged walls or floors can quickly grow dangerous mold or mildew. It is estimated that just five inches of flood water in your home can easily create $11,000 worth of damage.

Luckily, flood insurance is available to help cover some of these losses. Flood insurance can be added on to your existing package as an auxiliary insurance to protect you. Residents of Ashland, KY are aware that floods can happen anytime and anywhere and can also be dangerous. The people of Ashland, KY have turned to the experts at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services to help them with their insurance needs. The caring professionals at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services are happy to help answer any insurance questions you may have. If you are looking to update an existing policy or looking to start a new policy, call today.