Will my policy cover a classic car even if I drive it every day?

There are a lot of reasons people own classic cars. They are unique and stylish, and people look at you differently when they know you own one. They are a source of pride, and many people count their classic cars as their most prized possessions. So it is not that surprising that some people want to drive their classic cars every day.

A Classic Daily Driver

You will always treat your classic car differently, letting people know to handle it with care and making sure that no one spills drinks in it. It is different from a regular vehicle and needs extra protection. If you have a classic car in Ashland, KY, you may have an auto insurance policy from Sharp Insurance & Financial Services. Unfortunately, a standard policy won’t take into account that your auto needs unique parts, or that mechanics who know how to work with your kind of vehicle are rare. But you can get special classic car insurance that takes into account the extra value your car possesses.

Classic car insurance covers the agreed upon value of your car, which should represent the current market value. If you suffer a total loss, you can probably recover the agreed value minus the deductible. Standard car insurance will have cars depreciate as they get older, but in reality, your car may become more valuable.

Because of the value of the car, this means that you will not be able to use classic car insurance if you drive it all the time. Classic cars need protection, and you can keep your car safer if you only using it for what is called "pleasure driving." There are some exceptions. If you have any questions or want to learn how to protect your classic car in Ashland, KY better, contact Sharp Insurance & Financial Services today.