Three considerations before you buy recreational insurance

Recreational insurance is important to protect the investment you make in your recreational vehicle.

If you’re an Ashland, KY resident who owns a recreational vehicle, you’ll want to explore the insurance options we provide at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services. You’ll want to take the following three considerations into account:

The value of your recreational vehicle

The value of your recreational vehicle is an important consideration because it helps determine how much coverage you need. You need to analyze the policy limits and make sure that they’ll cover the full value of your recreational vehicle in the event of a total loss.

Remember that recreational vehicles can easily be worth over $100,000 dollars and range widely in terms of price. The more your recreational vehicle is worth, the higher you need your policy maximum limits to be. 

The liability coverage you’re required to have

If you’re taking a recreational vehicle out on public roadways, then you’re required to meet some liability coverage minimums by law. Discuss these requirements with your recreational vehicle insurance provider. Liability coverage requirements vary by state, so be sure to discuss these requirements with an insurance provider who offers policies in your state. 

The importance of your recreational vehicle in your life

Some people rely on their recreational vehicles more than others. In fact, some people even live in their RVs for some or all of the year. If you spend a significant amount of time living in your RV, you’ll want to buy more coverage than those who just use their RV for brief vacations.  

Make sure you’ve put thought into all of these considerations before purchasing a recreational insurance policy. If you’re on the market for a policy in Ashland, KY, get in touch with us at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services to learn more about our product offerings.