It’s Worth Having Recreational Insurance

When it comes to your toys in Ashland, KY, you’ll want to insure your RV, ATVs, boat, or other toys with recreational insurance. It’s affordable and gives you peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, you’re covered. Read on to learn about the benefits of having recreational insurance, brought to you by Sharp Insurance & Financial Services.

1. Replace Damaged or Stolen Recreational Vehicles

If your ATV, RV, boat or other recreational vehicles were to get stolen, you can recoup the value by filing a claim. Otherwise, you will lose out entirely. The same goes for damage. If another ATV were to hit yours and damage it, you’re out of luck if the other driver is not insured. At this point, your insurance kicks in and you can get your toy fixed or buy a new one if it needs to be replaced.

2. Your Assets are Covered

You’re driving your boat along a busy lake when suddenly there’s a crash. It’s your fault and you’re uninsured. This scenario can be frightening, especially if someone were to get injured. Without a recreational insurance policy, the other party who is not at fault could come after your assets to recoup damages. That means your home, savings, and other assets are at risk.

3. Liability Coverage

An accident is just that – an accident – something you never intend to happen. But accidents do happen, whether on the road, off the road, or on a body of water in Ashland, KY. Having liability coverage through a recreational insurance policy will ensure that any liability you find might yourself in, your insurance claim will help.

To learn more about purchasing recreational insurance in Ashland, KY, contact Sharp Insurance & Financial Services serving this area. Our friendly agents are standing by to take your call.