Benefits of Classic Car Insurance

As warm months approach, you may be itching to pull that classic car out of the garage and go for a drive. Before you do, make sure that it is protected well with classic car insurance. Here at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services, we think it is important that Ashland, KY classic car owners understand the benefits of having classic car insurance as opposed to traditional car insurance.

A car is generally considered a classic if it is between 19 and 24 years old, has been restored, has a higher value than similar autos, and in good working tradition. This definition differs slightly among different companies and groups. However, for the sake of insurance purposes, this definition is befitting. As classic cars are different from other car types, classic car insurance is also different. Here are three facts about classic car insurance that are different from other insurance.

A classic car’s value tends to appreciate over time while others depreciate. Traditional car insurance revolves around Actual cash value, meaning that if your car is totaled, the price the insurance will payout is based on the value of the car that day prior to the accident. Classic car insurance offers an agreed and guaranteed value that will be paid out in the event that the vehicle is totaled. This value is one that is agreed upon the day the insurance is set up.

Classic cars are also usually driven much more carefully and less often. Thanks to these facts, classic car insurance is very affordable- usually more so than traditional car insurance.

Classic cars need to be handled with care at all times, including when being towed. Due to this, most classic car insurance policies cover flatbed towing as opposed to traditional towing to prevent the car from being damaged in transit or when it is being hooked up.

Due to their value, their condition, the care they require, and their use, your regular auto policy is not the best option. Instead, you need insurance that is meant specifically for covering classic cars and you need an agency that understands this coverage. For the Ashland, KY area, Sharp Insurance & Financial Services is that agency. Stop by or give us a call for your no-obligation quote!


Three considerations before you buy recreational insurance

Recreational insurance is important to protect the investment you make in your recreational vehicle.

If you’re an Ashland, KY resident who owns a recreational vehicle, you’ll want to explore the insurance options we provide at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services. You’ll want to take the following three considerations into account:

The value of your recreational vehicle

The value of your recreational vehicle is an important consideration because it helps determine how much coverage you need. You need to analyze the policy limits and make sure that they’ll cover the full value of your recreational vehicle in the event of a total loss.

Remember that recreational vehicles can easily be worth over $100,000 dollars and range widely in terms of price. The more your recreational vehicle is worth, the higher you need your policy maximum limits to be. 

The liability coverage you’re required to have

If you’re taking a recreational vehicle out on public roadways, then you’re required to meet some liability coverage minimums by law. Discuss these requirements with your recreational vehicle insurance provider. Liability coverage requirements vary by state, so be sure to discuss these requirements with an insurance provider who offers policies in your state. 

The importance of your recreational vehicle in your life

Some people rely on their recreational vehicles more than others. In fact, some people even live in their RVs for some or all of the year. If you spend a significant amount of time living in your RV, you’ll want to buy more coverage than those who just use their RV for brief vacations.  

Make sure you’ve put thought into all of these considerations before purchasing a recreational insurance policy. If you’re on the market for a policy in Ashland, KY, get in touch with us at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services to learn more about our product offerings. 

How Will I Know If I Need Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is recommended for any homeowner in Ashland, KY who lives in a floodplain or within close proximity to a large water source. Many people don’t understand how a floodplain affects them until they experience a flood that damages their home and property. At Sharp Insurance & Financial Services, the agents can assist homeowners in determining whether or not flood insurance is something they can benefit from.

Do You Live Near Any Water Sources?

Living near a lake, pond, river, stream, or another type of water source is a good indicator that flood insurance may be needed. While the water source may not be big enough to constitute being labeled within a floodplain, heavier than normal rains can result in minor flooding. Even a small amount of flood damage can cause devastating financial loss, especially if the damage occurs inside your home. 

Where Is the Nearest Floodplain?

A floodplain is an area that is prone to flooding after heavy or prolonged rain. Floodplains are normally located in areas where there is one or more large water source that is capable of overflowing its banks after extensive rain or the melting of a large amount of snow or ice. If you are unsure of where your home is in relation to the nearest floodplain, check with your local assessor’s office or your insurance agent. Either one will be able to find the answer you are looking for.

If you live in or near Ashland, KY and are concerned about whether or not your home is located in a floodplain, call the agents of Sharp Insurance & Financial Services. They will find out the answers to your questions and make sure you have the right amount of flood insurance to meet your needs.

Renter’s insurance

Top reasons to purchase a renter’s insurance policy

You might not think you need renter’s insurance, but there are many reasons to buy renter’s insurance.

Sharp Insurance & Financial Services of Ashland, KY wants you to have the insurance you need, so we offer this list of real reasons to acquire renter’s insurance.

1. Your landlord has property insurance, but it only covers their losses to the apartment building or home and their liability. Your personal property and liability are not covered. Only 37 percent of renters obtain renter’s insurance, says the Insurance Information Institute.

2. It does not cost much. While some insurance policies cost a lot, renter’s insurance does not.

3. Your landlord may require the policy as a part of your rent.

4. It protects you from the loss of your personal property. Imagine if you had to replace every stereo component and your television all at once because they were stolen.

5. It protects your property from losses from everything from damage caused by aircraft to explosion and fire. If a volcano erupts, your things are covered. If a tornado blows through, they are covered, too. Only floods and earthquakes require a separate policy.

6. It provides you with liability coverage. If someone falls inside your apartment and gets hurt, your landlord’s property insurance does not cover it, but your renter’s insurance does.

7. Renter’s insurance covers your belongings when you travel, too. You are covered from loss or theft and damage.

8. You could obtain a policy that also provides additional living expenses, so if your home gets damaged, too, you can pay for a place to stay.

Call Sharp Insurance & Financial Services of Ashland, KY to learn more and find the policy for you.

Why Motorcycle Insurance is a Necessity

For those that are in the Ashland, KY area, the amazing weather and nice scenery help to make it a great place to own a motorcycle. When you are the owner of a motorcycle, you likely will spend your time dreaming of spending your days on the open road. However, the motorcycle is also a very important responsibility and asset that you need to have covered by insurance. There are many reasons why motorcycle is a necessity for you. 

Legal Requirements

There are many legal reasons why you need to have motorcycle insurance at all times. One of the reasons why is because you are required by law to carry liability insurance whenever you are on the road. This will ensure that you have the ability to pay restitution if you are at fault in an accident. Additionally, you will be required by your bank to carry a full policy as long as the loan is outstanding.

Protects Your Asset

If you purchase a new motorcycle, you likely will have made a big investment in order to do so. Because of this, you will want to make sure that you properly cover it with insurance. If you have made a big investment into the motorcycle, having a collision and comprehensive insurance policy will go a long way and provide you with very valuable protection. 

Once you have started looking for a motorcycle, you should also call Sharp Insurance & Financial Services. The insurance professionals at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services could help any Ashland, KY area motorcycle owner get into the right policy for their situation. This will help to ensure that you are in compliance with all of your personal regulations and that your motorcycle is covered for any situation that could result in a loss. 

Life Insurance: What You Really Need to Know

When you’re thinking about getting a life insurance policy in the Ashlan,d KY area, there are some things you’ll want to know. You probably have questions, and you might not be sure how to get them answered. Fortunately, you can come to us at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services. We can help you find the policy that’s right for you, and make sure you’re getting the quality and value you expect from your experience with an insurance company. You want to protect your family or other loved ones in case of your demise, and life insurance is one of the very best ways to do that. Here are some things to consider.

Life insurance comes in whole and term options, both of which can be great choices. Which one of them is right for you will depend on your unique situation and goals. The level of coverage you want and need will likely vary with your life circumstances, and our trusted agents can help you decide what level of policy you’re interested in. By answering all your questions, we can help you make an informed decision on which policy will be the best one to meet your needs and give you peace of mind. That will help you feel more comfortable, and also protect the people you care about.

If you’re in the Ashland, KY area, come see us at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services. We’ll be happy to talk to you about all your life insurance policy options. We want to make sure you have the right information before you make a decision, so you don’t have regrets and your family has the protection you want for them. Little details can matter in policy, and by working with us you’ll get the policy that’s right for you.

Do Teen Drivers Make Your Policy Cost Increase?

So, your teenager just started driving and now you are searching for insurance options but are worried about how adding them to your policy will affect your premiums. This is a very common situation and naturally raises many questions about insurance coverage and the effects they will have on the arrangement. 

Adding A Teen Driver

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that teen drivers are going to make your policy premiums increase significantly. That is because teen drivers represent a much higher risk of accident due to their inexperience as a driver. If you are planning to add them to your policy there are a few things to consider first. If they have an accident, it will count against you on your policy which can impact your ability to maintain your coverage. In addition, you will also be required to pay a significantly higher premium once they are added. Over the course of time, the cost to provide coverage will decrease but expect changes in your cost and you will also assume some risk based on their driving record. Consult your insurance agent about either getting a separate policy or discuss the impact of your current policy before making a decision. 

Working With An Agent To Get Teen Coverage

If you are unsure how to proceed when it comes to getting your teen driver insurance coverage, you should consult an experienced auto insurance agent to get a better insight and learn what your different options may be in your situation. Individuals who are interested in insurance coverage for their teen in the Ashland, KY area should check out Sharp Insurance & Financial Services. They can assist you with finding policies that meet your needs as well as helping with any future claims.

Secure the insurance coverage you need for your teen driver in and around the Ashland, KY area by working with Sharp Insurance & Financial Services.  They can give you peace of mind you need to keep your teen driver safe on the road. 

How commercial insurance can protect an Ashland business owner.

For those that are looking to own a small business, starting one in Ashland, KY can be a great option. This city is very well known for having a great local economy and provides plenty of opportunities. While there are a lot of opportunities that come with owning a small business in this area, there are also plenty of risks that need to be considered. One great way to help mitigate some of these risks is by getting a commercial insurance policy.

Limits Liability Concerns

 One way that a commercial insurance policy can help a business is by limiting professional and general liability concerns. Any time that you sell a product or service, you are taking on some risk of liability. Since this could be a substantial expense in some situations, getting an insurance policy is a practical necessity. Your insurance company will provide you with financial protection and other forms of support during a liability claim.

Covers Assets

When you have commercial insurance, you also will receive protection for your insights that are covered by the policy. Business owners in Ashland need to spend some money investing in inventory, equipment, and other assets. Due to the importance of these assets, you need to make sure they are properly covered by insurance. A commercial insurance policy will provide you with production for these assets.

Whenever you are looking to better protect your business in Ashland, KY, you should contact Sharp Insurance & Financial Services. The insurance professionals at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services are very knowledgeable about all of the challenges that small businesses have to deal with. They can then help you build a commercial insurance policy that will help to protect your business and mitigate these risks.

Don’t Forget About Your Workshop When Considering Your Home Insurance Options

Home insurance typically covers all structures on your property in addition to your family home. If you have a substantial workshop that houses a lot of materials and tools, you may want to take a second look at your policy. Homeowners in the greater Ashland, KY area rely on the team at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services for expert information about the policy options that are available to them. If you have items of significant value stored in your workshop it’s worth taking a second look at your coverage limits and levels on your current policy.

Workshops Need Coverage Too

Even though most outside structures are covered on typical homeowners policies, it never hurts to make sure that all of your valuables are protected. Primary policies often have coverage limits that may make it difficult for you to repair and replace all of your belongings in the event of a total loss. Many people undervalue their tools and equipment that they store in their workshops or sheds. Now is a great time to sit down with an experienced local agent and review your current policy. Homeowners often find that the value of their items has increased substantially since the time when they bought their initial policy. Don’t be caught with inadequate protection if you experience a loss. Homeowners policy riders can include additional coverage for valuable items and those that may be difficult to replace.

The team at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services recommends that our clients undergo a regular policy review to ensure that they have the protection they need. If you are in the greater Ashland, KY area and want to learn more about your insurance coverage options, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!

Successful Business Planning with Commercial Insurance

Business leaders planning for success often know the benefits of building relationships.  Plans for the right protection may include commercial auto insurance and steps for preparing as you arrange for new hiring.  Effective leadership is known to include planning for profitability and customer satisfaction. 

Smart Business Planning

Delivering products and services effectively is a smart plan for successful growth.  Having the right plans for comprehensive commercial insurance can be a simple way to protect your business offerings.  The professionals at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services can assist you in finding the commercial insurance that works for your business.  Serving Ashland, KY the company can applaud your successful business planning and work through the right insurance for your situation.   The trained staff can also outline the options for any properties you have involved with your business activities.  Smart planning is a good way to prepare for your company’s success.

Commercial Insurance is Helpful for a Business

Working closely with the trained staff from a commercial insurance company can help you through the planning process.  Successful business planning could include an understanding of insurance for products, services, or both.  Storage and production of products are considerations for conversations with a qualified insurance company.  Smart planning would be to consider umbrella insurance and general liability coverages.  Service companies should also look at commercial insurance and be pleased with a strong relationship they have built with the agency.  Experienced agents at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services can offer advice for planning and also go through the details of commercial insurance.  The agency is experienced helping businesses in the Ashland, KY area and through it licensed agents, is ready to assist you with any business planning for insurance.  Plan for success and contact this insurance agency for more information.