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Commercial Insurance in Kentucky

Ashland, KY businesses should have proper insurance. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small home business or a large operation you run from several locations. In all cases, commercial insurance can serve to protect your business assets in several ways. At Sharp Insurance & Financial Services, we want you to understand why commercial insurance options are important.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance represents a bundle of insurance options that serve to protect your business from injury or damage claims that can lead to financial loss. For a business, there are several sources where these claims can originate. It’s important for businesses in Kentucky to figure out where they have the most risk, and choose insurance options that will cover those risks.

Even the most basic business insurance can help by providing general liability coverage. General liability alone will help in any negligence claims against the business.

Is Commercial Insurance Mandatory?

Commercial insurance isn’t mandatory in Kentucky except under a few specific conditions. If you have employees, you may need a package that contains unemployment insurance and workers compensation.

If you’re in a specific industry, your licensing board may require you to pick up other forms of commercial insurance. In some other cases, a lender may require you to pick up business insurance as a stipulation of the loan.

How Much Commercial Insurance Does Your Business Need?

There’s not a single commercial insurance package that can fit every business. The needs of your business aren’t the same as the needs of others, even within the same industry.

As stated, general liability is a good place to start, but you will have to build on it depending on your specific needs. For example, someone who starts a food service will have completely different risks compared with someone who starts a construction business.

How much coverage your Ashland, KY business needs can vary. Contact Sharp Insurance & Financial Services today to discuss your options and address your concerns.

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