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Compare Insurance Quotes with Sharp Insurance & Financial Services

Sharp Insurance & Financial Services, located in Ashland, KY, is your place to get important information about the types of personal and commercial insurance coverage you need. Driving an automobile or owning a home in the State of Kentucky requires careful consideration of the lines of insurance that you are required to own. The agency, through its licensed agents, stands ready to assist you in reviewing your current policies or providing you with new coverage.

Types of Insurance Coverage

Insurance is a necessary form of protection you must have to meet any financial obligation that may arise as a result of a loss. The loss is defined as damage to property (accidental in nature) or bodily injury that may also cause the loss of use or an income loss.

The types of insurance protection you must consider may include:

  • Home insurance- This type of insurance is defined as coverage for both personal and real property owned, including your personal home, structures, and even fixed location mobile homes.
  • Automobile insurance- This provides insurance protection for a loss related to an owned or operated vehicle as the result of an accident causing property damage or bodily injury.
  • Life insurance- Life insurance helps loved ones meet the financial impact of your death. It may also be written on the life of a spouse, child, or other for whom there exists an insurable interest, which is a financial relationship or dependency to the insured that would be diminished by death.
Getting a Review or Purchasing New Insurance

The process of buying insurance for your home, automobile, life, or for other purposes (for example if you are a business owner) begins with a discussion with any of the licensed professionals of Sharp Insurance & Financial Services. These intermediaries can serve your needs for insurance as well as others throughout the greater Ashland, KY area.

The agency has an online rating tool available to you for your home and auto quotes. For other insurance types, visit the agency and speak with a qualified professional. You can review your existing policies or compare and shop for new protection that meets all of your insurance needs in the State of Kentucky.