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Motorcycle Insurance in Kentucky

When it comes to operating or driving a motorcycle, it's imperative always to put safety first. Regardless of the safety precautions you take or how safely you ride, you cannot control what other drivers do. Because of this, there is always a chance of you being involved in an accident or causing an accident. In the event you are involved in an accident, motorcycle insurance can provide you with protection from damages, liability, and financial loss.

If you caused the accident or are at fault, motorcycle insurance can protect you from lawsuits and from having to pay costly damages. Without motorcycle insurance, you may lose everything you have, including your future earnings to pay for the damages caused by an accident. Sharp Insurance & Financial Services is the premier provider of motorcycle insurance in Ashland, KY. We offer skilled and knowledgeable motorcycle insurance agents who will help you select the best coverage based on your individual needs.

What Are the Motorcycle Insurance Requirements for Kentucky?

In order to stay in compliance with the state's motorcycle insurance laws, you are required to have a minimum of liability insurance. Motorcycle liability insurance will help you pay for any property damage you cause or bodily injuries suffered by other people in the crash. The State of Kentucky mandates all motorcycle insurance policies include the following minimum coverage limits on a per accident basis:

  • property damage coverage
  • bodily injury per person
  • total bodily injury if the accident involves more than one person that is hurt

It's imperative to keep in mind these limits are simply the state's minimum requirements. However, many customers at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services choose to purchase higher limits for more encompassing protection.

Contact Sharp Insurance & Financial Services for Motorcycle Insurance in Ashland, KY

Protect yourself, your financial future, and other drivers on the road by purchasing motorcycle insurance in Ashland, KY at Sharp Insurance & Financial Services. We are one of the premier providers of motorcycle insurance in the state of Kentucky. Our experienced professionals will help you choose the best options based on your unique situation.

Stop by or call Sharp Insurance & Financial Services today for a motorcycle insurance quote.

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